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Viet Nam Ao Dai Museum Viet Nam Ao Dai Museum

The Ao Dai Museum in Saigon stores many documents and artifacts about the traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people

The Ao Dai Museum in Saigon stores many documents and artifacts about the traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people. Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City would be a shame if you missed the Ao Dai Museum. This is a unique project that preserves many cultural values and the soul of Vietnamese women's Ao Dai. 

1. Where is the Ao Dai Museum?

Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Museum is one of the places that owns a peaceful, green space in the middle of bustling Saigon. The museum is located in Long Phuoc ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. If you are planning a day trip with your family.

Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Museum

2. How much is the ticket price for The Ao Dai Museum?

How much does it cost to visit the Ao Dai Museum? When is the Ao Dai Museum open?

The price to visit the Ao Dai Museum in Saigon ranges from 30,000 - 50,000 VND/person.

Besides, you can visit from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm every day from Monday to Sunday. This is not only a unique Ao Dai cultural tourist destination but also an ideal check-in point chosen by many young people and tourists when coming to the "magnificent city".

3. History of Vietnam Ao Dai Museum

Vietnam Ao Dai Museum was built from the dedicated and meticulous creative ideas of artist Si Hoang - a talented designer and painter. The idea of building the Ao Dai Museum in Ho Chi Minh City was sparked for 10 years.

The purpose he determined was to honor the beauty of Vietnamese culture, helping foreign tourists understand more about the nation's traditional costumes. Therefore, this place is also called by another name: Si Hoang Ao Dai Museum.

The explanation about the Ao Dai Museum tells the story of a time when designer Si Hoang visited the Kimono Museum. At that time, he was extremely surprised when the Vietnamese ao dai was displayed here. However, it is worth mentioning that the outfit notes are "pre-modern Chinese costumes".

He believes that this confusion will cause many international friends to not know about the traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people. Therefore, the idea of building the Ao Dai Museum in District 9 was also formed to honor the national costume of our nation.

History of Vietnam Ao Dai Museum

4. Directions to Ao Dai Museum District 9

Refer to the reviews of Ao Dai Museum in District 9, you can know that this is a central tourist destination. Therefore, visitors can easily travel by many different means:

By personal vehicle: You can use Google Maps for directions to move from the city center to the Ao Dai Museum.

By bus: From Ben Thanh Market, you can take bus number 88 to go straight to the museum. The bus ticket price to the Ao Dai Museum is much cheaper than traveling by other means.

Traveling by train: This is also considered one of the interesting transportation experiences when traveling in Saigon. Visitors can learn more about trips to Trai Nhim train station - this address is only 49m from the museum, about a 1-minute walk.

5. What's interesting about exploring the Ao Dai Museum in District 9?

It is not simple that the Ao Dai Museum is chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists as a must-visit tourist destination in Saigon. This is not only a place to explore the culture of traditional costumes, but also a building with unique architecture, a very "chill" check-in point for many tourists.

5.1. Architecture of the Ao Dai Museum

The unique feature of the Ao Dai Museum's architecture is the long house style designed with a wooden frame and yin-yang tiled roof. The entire area of the Ao Dai Museum is up to 20,000 m2, of which the exhibition house has an area of about 200 m2, the rest is a garden scene, street house, souvenir area and motel.

On the right, the Ao Dai Museum displays historical documents about traditional costumes through the ages. On the left, the Ao Dai Museum displays ao dai associated with the image of Vietnamese women through historical periods, especially major contributions in the socio-political field around the 20th century.

The unique feature of the Ao Dai Museum's architecture

5.2. Admire more than 300 Ao Dai designs

Does the Ao Dai Museum rent Ao Dai? How much is the price list for the Ao Dai Museum? This is a question asked by many tourists when admiring the beauty of hundreds of ao dai here. This location has many types of ao dai and ancient costumes for rent. Therefore, you can refer to information about many products displayed at the museum:

Ao dai for Hue royal music and dance: These are ao dai models for both men and women used in Hue royal court music performances.

Lemur Ao Dai: Over time, the Lemur Ao Dai somewhat rots. However, this is a souvenir associated with the love story of a couple since 1940. This is also an ao dai that was kept very carefully during the war.

Four-section Ao Dai: This is a unique innovation product of artist Nguyen Cat Tuong in the 30s. Many tourists rent Ao Dai at the Ao Dai Museum and also find that this is a familiar product, with two front and back flaps similar to products sold today.

Ao Dai worn by Southern women in the 1950s: Ao dai typical of Southern women are also kept at the museum. The shirt is simple and plain with very ordinary patterns but contains many stories about Southern women.

Ao Dai of historical figures and artists: At the museum, there is also memorabilia of Ao Dai of famous historical figures such as hero Nguyen Thi Dinh, and artists Phung Ba and Bach Tuyet,...

Four-section Ao Dai

5.3. Experience making your Ao Dai

One of the most interesting experiences when visiting the museum area is that visitors make their own Ao Dai. If you are worried about your abilities, you can rest assured. Here, visitors will be guided in detail about the shirt-making process, from cutting the fabric to drawing and embroidering on the shirt.

This experience not only brings many interesting things but also helps you practice patience, and understand more about how to create traditional national costumes, thereby appreciating and cherishing the ao dai in your hand.

5.4. Take photos to check in to the Ao Dai Museum

The space at the museum is built according to the architectural style of ancient Saigon. Therefore, taking photos of the Ao Dai Museum is one of the extremely interesting experiences that visitors cannot miss when coming to this location.

You can save for yourself beautiful pictures in the wooden bridge area across the village, the boat wharf, the Ao Dai display points, the Vong Nguyet Tra reenactment areas, the Marble Temple, and the ancient inns. ancient times,... This is also one of the outstanding places that you can choose for your family trip.

6. Things to note when coming to the Saigon Ao Dai Museum

Before visiting this tourist destination, you need to note some of the information below:

There are almost no food areas in the museum area, so you can refer to breakfast and lunch spots in Saigon before moving so as not to affect your schedule.

If you are a culture lover and want to understand more about Ao Dai, you should choose to come on the weekend. At this time, there will be more tour guides introduced. If you prioritize taking photos, you can go in the middle of the week to avoid crowds and have many beautiful angles.

The space at the museum is built according to the architectural style of ancient Saigon

​​Visitors should walk lightly, speak softly and preserve the scenes and objects in the museum.

Besides this museum, Saigon is also a magnificent city famous for many extremely attractive tourist and entertainment destinations such as Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, Pho Tay Bui Vien, …

The Ao Dai Museum is a cultural destination containing many great values for the nation's traditional ao dai costume. This is not only a place for tourists to visit and learn knowledge, but also a unique check-in point in Saigon. Amidst the noise and bustle of the city named after Uncle Ho, coming to the museum, you will relax in a peaceful space, admiring cultural products that have lasting value over time.



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