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Tet Festival in Vietnam Gifts Tet Festival in Vietnam Gifts

As the vibrant tapestry of Tet Festival in Vietnam unfolds, the exchange of heartfelt gifts becomes a cherished tradition. Celebrating the Lunar New Year is not just about passing time, it's about weaving cultural significance into every gesture.

The Vietnamese New Year, or Tet Festival in Vietnam, is a time of joy, reflection, and celebration. As families come together to usher in the Lunar New Year, exchanging gifts becomes a meaningful tradition. Choosing the perfect Tet gift requires thoughtfulness and consideration of cultural significance. In this blog, Viet Cruise Tours will give the information about some of the best Vietnamese New Year gift ideas that not only convey warm wishes but also honor the rich traditions of Tet.

1. The Meaning Behind Vietnamese New Year Gift-Giving Tradition

Vietnamese New Year Gift-Giving
Vietnamese New Year Gift-Giving

The tradition of giving New Year gifts during Tet Festival in Vietnam, known as "Li Xi" or "Tet Li Xi," holds profound cultural and symbolic meaning. This practice is deeply rooted in ancient beliefs and customs, and its significance goes beyond mere material exchange. Here are some key aspects of the Vietnamese tradition of giving New Year gifts and their meanings:

Symbol of Good Luck and Prosperity

  • Giving and receiving gifts during Tet are considered acts of goodwill, symbolizing wishes for good luck, prosperity, and success in the coming year.
  • The tradition is rooted in the belief that the first visitor to a home in the new year sets the tone for the household's fortune, making it common for people to exchange gifts early in the Lunar New Year.

Expression of Respect and Gratitude

  • Giving Tet Festival in Vietnam gifts is a way of expressing respect and gratitude to elders, family members, friends, and even colleagues.
  • It reflects the Vietnamese cultural emphasis on familial and social bonds, reinforcing the importance of maintaining strong relationships.

Cultural Connection and Tradition

  • Tet gifts often carry cultural and traditional significance, such as the exchange of red envelopes (Li Xi) containing money. The color red is considered lucky and is believed to ward off evil spirits.
  • By adhering to these gift-giving customs, individuals participate in the preservation and continuation of Vietnam's rich cultural heritage.

Wishing Happiness and Harmony

  • Tet gifts are a tangible way of expressing well-wishes for happiness, health, and harmony in the recipient's life.
  • Traditional gifts like lucky plants, fruits, and symbolic foods convey the desire for abundance and positive energy throughout the year.

Customs Passed Through Generations

  • The tradition of giving Tet gifts has been passed down through generations, creating a sense of continuity and connection with ancestors.
  • Families take pride in upholding these customs, reinforcing a shared cultural identity and passing on the significance of gift-giving to younger generations.

2. ​Best New Year gifts for friends and family

2.1 Customized Calendars

Tet Calendar
Tet Calendar

Create personalized calendars featuring memorable photos of shared moments from the past year. Add special dates, personal notes, quotes, or captions to accompany each photo. Share inside jokes, memories, or inspirational messages to make the calendar uniquely tailored to the recipient.

Plan ahead and order your customized calendars in advance to allow for production and shipping time. Consider presenting the calendar in a stylish gift box or wrap it with festive paper. The presentation adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation when your loved ones unwrap their personalized gift.

2.2 Wellness Packages

Scented Candles
Scented Candles

As the Tet Festival in Vietnam begins, promote well-being with wellness gift sets. Include items like scented candles, essential oils, herbal teas, and a cozy blanket for a relaxing start to the year.

Choose items that promote relaxation and well-being. Consider including scented candles, bath salts, essential oils, and soothing herbal teas. Incorporate a selection of nutritious snacks and herbal teas. This adds a touch of wellness to their diet and complements the overall theme of the package.

2.3 Lucky Plants

Kumquat Plant
Kumquat Plant

During the Tet festival, the tradition of gifting lucky plants takes center stage, adding a touch of symbolism and prosperity to the celebrations. Popular choices include the kumquat tree, symbolizing wealth, and lucky bamboo, believed to bring good fortune and longevity.

These green gifts not only brighten homes with their vibrant foliage but also carry heartfelt wishes for abundance and positive energy in the coming year. Whether it's the elegance of an orchid or the resilience of a cactus, lucky plant gifts during Tet are a cherished way to express good wishes and infuse homes with the spirit of prosperity.

2.4 Customized Red Envelopes

Red Envelopes
Red Envelopes

In the vibrant tapestry of Tet festivities, the act of exchanging red envelopes, or "Li Xi," is a cherished tradition symbolizing good luck and prosperity. Elevate this ritual by opting for customized red envelopes, adding a personal touch to the age-old gesture.

Personalize the envelopes with the recipient's name, wishes, or even elegant designs that reflect the spirit of Tet. Filling them with lucky money or a heartfelt note further enhances the significance of the gift. As the envelopes change hands, they become not just a token of prosperity but a thoughtful expression of warmth and connection during the Vietnamese New Year celebrations.

2.5 Traditional Vietnamese Foods

Tet Traditional Vietnamese Foods
Tet Traditional Vietnamese Foods

As the Tet Festival approaches, the air is filled with an anticipation of reunions, joy, and a delectable array of traditional Vietnamese foods that grace the festive table. Beyond being mere dishes, these culinary delights serve as a symbol of cultural richness, a thread that connects generations, and a heartfelt expression of well-wishing.

In this season of celebration, the act of gifting traditional Vietnamese foods takes on special significance, weaving together the flavors of the past and the hopes for a prosperous future. Let's embark on a journey through the delightful offerings that make these culinary gifts during Tet both meaningful and delicious.

3. Where can you find a diverse selection of Tet Festival in Vietnam gifts?

Tet Souvenir Stores
Tet Souvenir Stores

The Tet Festival, or Vietnamese New Year, is a time of vibrant celebrations, rich traditions, and the joyous exchange of gifts. As the auspicious Lunar New Year approaches, the quest for meaningful and culturally resonant Tet gifts begins. From traditional foods to festive decorations, Vietnam offers a diverse array of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Navigate bustling local markets for traditional delights and regional specialties. Artisan villages showcase intricate craftsmanship, while modern boutiques seamlessly blend contemporary and traditional gifts. Traditional craft fairs spotlight local artistry, and online marketplaces like Lazada provide convenience and variety. Cultural festivals immerse you in traditions, and local florists offer symbolic plants and flowers.

4. Tips for choosing Vietnamese New Year gifts


Choosing the perfect Vietnamese New Year gifts, especially during Tet Festival in Vietnam, involves considering cultural traditions, symbolism, and the preferences of the recipient. Here are some tips to help you select thoughtful and meaningful Tet gifts:

Consider Lucky Colors

Red and gold are considered lucky colors in Vietnamese culture. Opt for gifts, wrappings, or decorations in these auspicious hues to symbolize good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Quality over Quantity

Focus on the quality of the gift rather than the quantity. Thoughtful, well-chosen items that reflect the recipient's interests or needs carry more weight than extravagant but impersonal gifts.

Lunar New Year Decor

Decorative items such as lanterns, banners, or traditional Tet decorations make for thoughtful gifts. They contribute to the festive atmosphere and can be used to adorn the recipient's home during Tet celebrations.

Age and Relationship

Consider the age and relationship with the recipient when selecting gifts. For elders, traditional and respectful gifts may be more appropriate, while friends or younger family members might appreciate trendier or personalized items.

Gifts for the Household

Consider gifts that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Items like traditional tea sets, decorative vases, or festive tableware are practical and can enhance the household's Tet celebrations.


Selecting the best Vietnamese New Year gifts involves a thoughtful consideration of cultural symbolism, personal preferences, and the spirit of prosperity associated with Tet. Whether it's lucky plants, traditional foods, or symbolic decorations, the key is to choose items that resonate with the recipient's values and contribute to the joy of the Lunar New Year celebration. For an unforgettable Tet Festival in Vietnam experience, contacting Viet Cruise Tours for customized tours during this festive season. Let the richness of Vietnamese culture and the warmth of Tet traditions unfold through tailor-made journeys, creating memories that last a lifetime. Wishing you a prosperous and joyous Tet celebration!




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