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Ho Chi Minh City's "Saigon Water Bus" is a brand-new transportation system that was unveiled in 2017. It runs along the Saigon River and provides a different mode of transportation while easing traffic. Affordable river excursions and beautiful scenery draw tourists there. The city's transportation options have a distinctive new addition, but for it to be successful in the long run, scheduling issues and integrating with other modes of transportation must be resolved.

Currently, the Saigon Water Bus operates with 5 stops along its route: Bach Dang (District 1), Thanh Da (Binh Thanh District), Binh An (District 2), Linh Dong (Thu Duc District), and Hiep Binh Chanh (Thu Duc District). This system aims to provide convenient transportation along the Saigon River. The city plans to further expand the number of stops in the near future, which will likely enhance connectivity and accessibility for passengers.

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Sai Gon  Water bus provides a convenient, fun way to view the city's cityscape. While the few stops and awkward stations can put travelers off, tourists frequently choose it. Focusing on its scenic pathways and distinctive tourism experience could help it increase its appeal. Daily travelers may find it attractive as the network grows and accessibility increases.

*Operating Hours and Ticket Information for Saigon Waterbus:

Opening Hours: 7:00 AM - 19:30 PM

Visiting Hours: About an hour

Location: 10B Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Ticket fee

+ 15.000VND / one way

+ 30.000VND / two way (for all stations)

*Children under 1 meter in height and Vietnamese citizens aged over 70 ride free. Tickets available at stations, no return ticket discount. Any distance is the same price. Tickets have seat numbers, though they're flexible unless it's busy.

*About the Saigon Waterbus:

Waterbus boats stand out thanks to their squat, hamster-like yellow appearance. They have a white cover and a black and white checkered belt around the hull. Against the waters of the Saigon River, this distinctive design stands out. Most of the seating is inside, with two rows of three cozy plastic seats spaced between by an aisle.

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A front cabin TV screen and life jackets are provided for each seat. A cool air can enter through the doors at the bow and stern. The bench with open air on the back deck is the most desired sitting. At the stern, there is a restroom and a small bar. Seats in the front row provide great views and a refreshing breeze. The Waterbus has a maximum capacity of 60–70 passengers.

*Things to know about the Saigon Waterbus:

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The Saigon Waterbus schedule is easily accessible online and at all stops. It's color-coded and clear, with 6 - 15 daily sailings between the 5 operating stops, more on weekends and holidays. Central stops have extra trips.

Operating 7:00AM to 7:00PM, the first boat leaves Linh Dong at 7:00AM, the last arrives at Binh An by 7:25PM. The route map, in English and Vietnamese, includes nearby bus routes and is available online and at stations.

*Due to the limited number of stops (5), waiting time can be unavoidable. It's advisable to review the timetable in advance and prepare for departure. Notably, there are no tour guides on the water bus, potentially causing confusion for foreign passengers. Most riders are locals, and the driver won't announce the next stop. It's recommended to ask locals or the driver for assistance or consider hiring a local guide to help navigate your journey smoothly.

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