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Can Gio mangrove forest Can Gio mangrove forest

Can Gio ecotourism has recently become a resort paradise for those who love natural life. With an area of more than half of the mangrove forest.

Traveling to Can Gio for 1 day is enough for you to discover the beauty of a peaceful land that contains many interesting things. It will be a fun vacation for teens from the natural landscape to the hospitality of the indigenous people.

1. Where is the Can Gio eco-tourism area?

Address: Ly Nhon commune, Can Gio district, far from the city center. Ho Chi Minh City 45km to the Southeast

Can Gio ecotourism has recently become a resort paradise for those who love natural life. With an area of more than half of the mangrove forest, this place possesses a diverse ecological complex including many species of terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants.

Can Gio eco-tourism area not only brings new discoveries to visitors but is also a place for you to relax and breathe fresh air after tiring working days. If you travel to Can Gio for 1 day, you should not miss this place.

Can Gio ecotourism

2. How to travel to Can Gio in 1 day?

Traveling to Can Gio for 1 day by motorbike/car: you start from Saigon, cross the Binh Khanh ferry and then run along Vam Sat street. If you see the sign to visit Vam Sat and Monkey Island, turn there.

Travel to Can Gio 1 day by bus: tourists take bus number 20 from Ben Thanh market to Nha Be and then get off at Binh Khanh ferry. Then, you buy a ferry ticket for 3,000 VND/person. When you arrive, take bus number 90 to Can Gio.

3. Can Gio 1 day travel guide

3.1. Morning: Saigon - Can Gio - Can Gio Beach

Departing from Saigon, it takes about 1 hour to travel to Can Gio.

You can enjoy the fresh air on Can Gio beach. The sea here is not too noisy, very suitable for sunbathing, check-in, or entertainment activities with many interesting water games.


3.2. Noon: Lunch at Hang Duong market

What to eat in Can Gio? Please stop by Hang Duong market, about 850m from Can Gio Beach, to enjoy lunch with delicious seafood here. The dishes you should try are snails, crabs, shrimp, crabs... At Hang Duong market there is an on-site processing counter, it only costs a little. However, you can also bring your own items or rent items to cook on your own on the beach.

3.3. Afternoon: Visit Vam Sat tourist area - Monkey Island

Coming to Can Gio, you cannot miss the Vam Sat tourist area. This is the largest biosphere reserve in Vietnam, located between the Vam Sat and Long Tau rivers. Coming to this place, you will admire the majestic natural picture, and participate in interesting entertainment activities such as fishing, boat racing and the adventurous entertainment service worth trying releasing bait to crocodiles.

The next destination on the journey is to visit Monkey Island. This island is about 32km from the Vam Sat tourist area, a place for tourists to relax, entertain, and forget their troubles and worries. You can combine visiting Vam Sat and Monkey Island during the day.

Visit Vam Sat tourist area

3.4. Evening: Move back to Saigon

My experience traveling to Can Gio is that you should return before 5pm. Many roads from Can Gio back to Saigon will not have street lights, so to ensure safety, you should depart from Can Gio around 4 - 5 hours. On the way back, you can stop by small shops at the foot of Rach Don Bridge to enjoy a cool glass of coconut water.

4. What should you keep in mind when traveling to Can Gio on your own?

- When buying seafood, you should choose it yourself to get the freshest food, and don't forget to bargain with the seller.

- You should not wear brightly colored clothes when swimming because the sand and seawater are darker than usual.

- If you travel to Can Gio by motorbike, save the number of the auto mechanic.



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