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Turtle Lake in Sai Gon Turtle Lake in Sai Gon

Turtle Lake officially known as the International Construction Site. It is a place that attracts many people to relax and enjoy the city's culinary culture.

Turtle Lake is a famous and unique entertainment destination in Saigon. A place that attracts many people to relax and enjoy the city's culinary culture for family road trip. In addition, Turtle Lake is also associated with mysterious anecdotes of the old Saigon.

1. Introduction to Saigon Turtle Lake

Saigon Turtle Lake, or officially known as the International Construction Site, has a prime location right at the intersection of three busy roads at Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Vo Van Tan Street and Tran Cao Van Street, creating a convenient roundabout for travel.

Coming to Con Rua Lake, you will park your car at the agency headquarters opposite the lake in the direction of Pham Ngoc Thach or at the Youth Cultural House. Tourists should note that if you do not park in front of the lake, you may be fined.

Because it is located right in the city center, Con Rua Lake is a favorite dating and sightseeing place for young people and tourists. The seats here are spacious, cool, especially sparkling with lights at night, and have a view of the colorful fountain on weekends.

Saigon Turtle Lake

2. Why is it called Turtle Lake?

According to records about the history of Con Rua Lake, in the past, the location of the lake was where the Kham Khuyet gate of Bat Quai citadel was located, later renamed Vong Khuyet by King Minh Mang. In 1837, Bat Quai Citadel was demolished and Phung Citadel was rebuilt on a smaller scale.

After the French occupied Phung Citadel, they leveled it and renamed it Gia Dinh, and at the same time re-planned the whole city. In 1878, France built a water tower here to provide water for local people. This tower was demolished in 1921.

From then on, this location became the intersection it is today and became known as the Freedom Fighters Square. Not long after the French withdrew from Vietnam, Con Rua Lake was constructed according to the design of architect Nguyen Ky. The time of construction of the lake has not been determined exactly, some documents say it was built in 1965, and other documents say it was built in 1967.

The turtle lake in Sai Gon

3. Why is it called Turtle Lake?

People are used to calling it by this folk name based on the design of the lake including a traffic circle with a diameter of about 100m, decorated with green trees and an octagonal fountain. Surrounding are 4 spiral walkways leading to the memorial and an alloy turtle image supported on the back of a large stone stele.

Explore cuisine at Con Rua Lake

Turtle Lake and the surrounding area are truly a culinary area that attracts a large number of tourists and locals to enjoy unique and delicious food.

Below are some popular food shops in the Turtle Lake area that you can refer to:

- Mixed Rice Paper: This is a mixed rice paper shop that many people love. You can enjoy delicious and unique bags of rice paper mixed with a variety of ingredients such as dried shrimp, dried beef, shrimp crackers, raw vegetables, spices and uniquely mixed fish sauce.

- A Fon Beef Dried Salad: This is a unique snack of Chinese origin. Beef jerky salad is a combination of fresh vermicelli and delicious dried beef, accompanied by raw vegetables and spices to create a delicious and interesting dish.

- Streets selling fish balls, milk tea, mango shakes, and grilled gourds: The area around Con Rua Lake is also famous for shops selling crispy fish balls, delicious milk tea, cool mango shakes and attractive grilled gourds. These are great options for those who like to enjoy street food.

In addition to traditional snacks, this area also regularly updates new dishes and unique ingredients according to current culinary trends. Therefore, you can easily find new and interesting delicacies to explore.

Turtle Lake and the delicious food.

4. Check-in at cafes near the lake

Although Con Rua Lake is famous for its popular snack shops, thanks to its central location in the city, there are many places around the lake to go on dates and meet luxury friends, especially famous people. Cafe.

4.1 Cộng Coffee

- Address: 2nd Floor, 08 Bis, International Construction Site, District 3.

- Opening hours: Monday - Sunday | 7:00 - 22:00.

Cong Cafe has affirmed its position by becoming one of the most popular cafes at Con Rua Lake. Therefore, whether it is weekdays or weekends, Cong Coffee is always bustling with the chatter of a large number of customers.

What's special about Cafe Cong is the attractive layout with unique vintage beauty, creating an attractive and interesting space. Not only that, the diversity of the menu is also a bright spot with delicious, eye-catching dishes presented.

Cong Cafe - one of the most popular cafes at Con Rua Lake

4.2 Highlands

- Address: 2 Bis International Construction Site, District 3.

- Opening hours: Monday - Sunday | 7:00 - 22:00.

The Highlands Coffee brand always attracts a large number of customers to the shop to enjoy drinks, from young people to adults. With a spacious and meticulously designed restaurant space, this place includes both the ground floor and mezzanine, along with many rows of outdoor tables, creating favorable conditions for those who want to immerse themselves in the scenery of Con Son Lake. Fresh turtles and vibrant streets.

The Highlands Coffee brand

4.3 The Coffee House

- Address: 19B Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3.

- Opening hours: Monday - Sunday | 7:00 - 22:30.

The Coffee House is located about 900m from Turtle Lake with a facade covered with quality glass. The restaurant space exudes elegance and sophistication when harmoniously combining two unique black and orange tones.

The space inside the restaurant is very spacious, eye-catching design with main wood tones bringing warmth and friendliness. The Coffee House's diverse menu includes delicious teas, rich coffee, cool ice blended drinks, fresh juices and refreshing smoothies.

The Coffee House's diverse menu



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