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Saigon Skydeck


 14:56 22/02/2018

Binoculars are disposed a 360 degree round building. You can observe the panoramic view of city from 4 side. From western view, East-West Highway goes along the creek divining city into 2 part with District 4, 8 in the left side and District 1, 5, 6 in the right side. From southern view, residence in centre of district 4 is displayed there and connected to District 7 with farther is Nha Be, Can Gio district. From eastern, District 2 is in the opposite Saigon riverside with rows of luxury apartments and villas and spreading out to northern view, main city is taken by there.

Thu Thiem rooftop street food town

[SAIGON] THU THIEM TUNNEL from the roof top

 12:17 01/02/2018

There is a very attractive place for those who like to take pictures, sight seening at night is the roof of Thu Thiem tunnel belonging to Thu Thiem tunnel work. Thu Thiem tunel is one of the new building Anchor, located right next to Saigon River, in District 2, you should visit once.

Bao Tang My Thuat

[SAIGON] Saigon’s Haunted Beauty in 99 doors house

 19:14 08/12/2017

Local citizens claimed the place to be haunted. They believed that he also had a daughter besides his three sons and she was his favorite child. Rumor has it that she got leprosy and in order to cover that fact, Hui kept her in a closed room and had the maid bring her food.

Ancient kettles in Museum

[SAIGON] MEDICINE MUSEUM - a hidden soul of Vietnam

 09:41 04/12/2017

A wooden house inspired by Central Vietnam style was designed and carved in Hoi An ancient town then relocated on the top of the building. The construction stores many of manuscripts composed by Vietnamese ancient doctors.

Museum of Vietnamese History

[SAIGON] HISTORY MUSEUM - A place to learn Vietnam History

 19:31 05/11/2017

Vietnam History Museum in Ho Chi Minh City which is the Blanchard de la Bross Museum built during French colonial period. History Museum was established in August of 1979 on the basis of absorbing and renovating from National Museum of Vietnam in Saigon of old Republic of Vietnam regime.

A performance at the Opera house

[SAIGON] OPERA HOUSE - The house from 1900

 15:48 05/11/2017

Located in the city centre, only 10 minutes walking from Ben Thanh market, the City Opera House is one of the must-see places, particularly for those who are interested in architecture and history.

Cu Chi Tunnels


 12:12 08/08/2017

Cu Chi Tunnels is an underground defense system in Cu Chi district, HCM City. Built in 1947, approximately 200 km long system, this is a place to hide and conceal weapons and documents of local people during the war against French and American imperialism.

cai be floating market


 10:41 27/07/2017

"Cai Be floating market is also known as a transit station, from Mekong Delta to many other provinces, this is the reason why most of the goods are quite cheap and fresh surprisingly. However, the distinctive spot make this market to be different from the others is the pole of good."

City Hall of Ho Chi Minh City


 23:09 08/04/2016

​No past, no present. The beauty of a land is not only the scenic view, but also its culture and history. Witnessed many changes from the early year, Saigon is containing a huge knowledge of history as its age. If you have been in Saigon, let this more-than-300-year-old-land tell you its stories via below places.