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Sam Bo Luong Sweet Soup- traditional Vietnamese dessert

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Vietnamese dessert Vietnamese dessert

It is a traditional Vietnamese dessert and in hot weather, a glass of sweet, refreshing ginseng tea will help you regain vitality immediately.

1/ What is the Sam Bo Luong Sweet Soup?

Sam Bo Luong Sweet Soup is a traditional Vietnamese dessert soup or sweet soup that is popular in Vietnamese cuisine. It's a refreshing and nutritious dessert made with a variety of ingredients, often including dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs. The name "Sâm Bổ Lượng" roughly translates to "revitalizing soup," reflecting its reputation for being a nourishing and energizing treat.

Sam Bo Luong Sweet Soup

In hot weather, a glass of sweet, refreshing ginseng tea will help you regain vitality immediately. The rich ingredients in this sweet soup are not only delicious and refreshing but also bring many other health benefits.

2/ The original of Sam Bo Luong sweet soup

Ginseng tonic is a dish originating from Guangdong, China with the exact name "sam bo  luong", meaning a refreshing and nutritious dish. I don't know when tonic ginseng has become a familiar dish for Vietnamese people, especially in the southern provinces.

The main use of this sweet soup is to clear heat, calm the mind and nourish the body thanks to ingredients that have been recognized as medicinal by traditional medicine such as longan, jujube, lotus seeds, Bo Bo, snow ear, and phlox. ears... The above ingredients help the body reduce weakness, sleep well, and have a clearer mind.

The original of Sam Bo Luong sweet soup

In addition, it is impossible not to mention a medicine that has great effects on the brain in this sweet soup - ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba has the effect of improving oxygen content in nerve cells, keeping blood thin in the microvascular system, and inhibiting the process of nerve cell degeneration. Ginkgo biloba is considered one of the most effective medicines to prevent stroke.

Ginseng tonic is an extremely popular dessert and is not expensive. With just a few tens of thousands of dong, people can enjoy a delicious glass of ginseng tonic in shops, markets, supermarkets... The special feature of ginseng tonic is that it can be eaten cold when it's hot and hot when it's hot. cold. Watching the sweet soup seller quickly pick up dozens of ingredients, put a little of each into the glass in the blink of an eye, then fill the glass to the brim with finely shaved ice, and finally add a spoonful of clear sugar water to splash on the ice surface, is very interesting. know what.


Ginseng tonic is not as sweet as other sweet soups but has a natural, light sweetness from dried apples and longan mixed with the aroma of other ingredients cooked in rock-sugar water. Amid the blazing summer sun, there's nothing more refreshing than stopping by a roadside tea shop, ordering a glass of ginseng tonic filled with shaved ice, and enjoying the sweet, cool taste that melts into your body, allowing you to relax. leaving a sweet aftertaste on the tip of the tongue.

The soup is typically simmered slowly to allow the flavors to meld together and to soften the dried ingredients. It can be served hot, warm, or chilled, depending on personal preference and the weather. Sâm Bổ Lượng Sweet Soup is not only delicious but also believed to have health benefits, including improving circulation, boosting energy, and promoting overall well-being.

3/ How can cook that ?

The exact ingredients can vary depending on the recipe and regional preferences, but common components typically include:

- Dried Longan: These are small, sweet, and aromatic fruits that add a delicate flavor to the soup.

- Dried Jujubes (Red Dates): Jujubes are sweet fruits that are often used in Asian cuisine for their medicinal properties and sweet flavor.

- Lotus Seeds: Lotus seeds are a symbol of purity and prosperity in Asian cultures. They have a mild flavor and a pleasing texture.

- Gingko Nuts: Gingko nuts are known for their nutritional benefits and unique taste. They add a subtle nuttiness to the soup.

- Dried Seaweed: Seaweed is rich in minerals and adds a savory depth to the soup.

- White Fungus (Tremella): White fungus is a type of edible mushroom known for its health benefits and gelatinous texture.

- Rock Sugar: Rock sugar is commonly used to sweeten the soup. It provides a clean sweetness without overpowering the other flavors.

Other optional ingredients: Other ingredients such as dried goji berries, dried apricots, dried longan, and lotus seeds can also be added according to personal preference.


Sam Bo Luong Sweet Soup is a delightful dessert option that showcases the richness of Vietnamese culinary traditions and the emphasis on balance and harmony in both flavor and nutrition.



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