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Roll-style dishes are the "soul" of parties. Not only in Vietnam but many places around the world have rolls that represent national culinary culture.

What is the Vietnamese Rolls cuisine?

Stretching from North to South, everywhere rolls are popular and have different styles of eating rolls, bringing different excitement. The richness of rolled dishes, and the love for rolled-style food as much as Vietnam. The characteristic of Vietnamese rolls is that they have a lot of vegetables, and fresh flavor, and are often eaten with dipping sauce. Some dishes are even considered "national treasures" in Vietnamese cuisine such as fried spring rolls (spring rolls). Vietnamese cuisine is loved by international friends and highly appreciated by famous chefs for its quality. They believe that Vietnamese food always has a balance of taste, sight, and the five elements of yin and yang. To be able to properly organize your time and schedule during the holiday days, join Vietcruise to save what kind of food you should try when you visit Viet Nam? Especially the Vietnamese food spring roll.

Vietnamese Rolls cuisine

Pho rolls

This is a typical dish of Hanoi, famous for its "unique" flavor but the ingredients are extremely simple. Each pho roll consists of a soft layer of cake on the outside, wrapped with a filling of stir-fried beef, lettuce, herbs, and carrots,... inside, dipped in a rather "rolling" spicy and sour fish sauce.

Phở rolls  - a typical dish of Hanoi

Spring rolls

Spring rolls often impress diners with a layer of transparent rice paper covering boiled shrimp, pork belly, raw vegetables, lettuce, green chives, and a little fresh vermicelli, which looks extremely beautiful.

The special feature of spring rolls is that there is no obvious dipping sauce, but depending on the taste of the eater, they can be combined with hoisin sauce, seasoning sauce, chili garlic sauce, or peanut butter sauce.

In addition, there is another version of spring rolls, spring rolls with pork filling and crispy pork skin served with pickles and sweet and sour fish sauce.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Bo La Lot - Grilled beef in wild betel leaves

Although this beef with betel leaves is not very popular, almost everyone has eaten it at least once because this dish is almost everywhere and the price is extremely affordable. Beef with betel leaves is usually made from 2 main ingredients: Beef rolled in lolot leaves and grilled until fragrant.

The most common way to eat bo cuon la lot is by wrapping it in rice paper and topping it with vermicelli noodles, pickles, veggies, and herbs. People are drawn in by the alluring aroma of spiced grilled beef wafting through the air as they stroll through Saigon's streets in the afternoon. In addition to the typical dipping sauce, you can try a unique sauce called mam nem.

Bo La Lot - Grilled beef in wild betel leaves

Bo Bia

There are two types of beef squash: sweet beef squash and salty beef squash. Salty beef squash is a Southern specialty dish, including sausage, chicken eggs, carrots, lettuce, cassava, dried shrimp, and herbs,... all chopped finely and skillfully rolled in rice paper. The dipping sauce for this dish consists of just chili sauce mixed with crushed roasted peanuts, quite simple, but when eaten with beef rolls, it is irresistibly delicious.

The salty beef squash dish

As for sweet squash, it is familiar to many people in their childhood. The ingredients of this dish are also quite simple with the sweetness of the malt bar, the aroma of coconut, and the nuttiness of black sesame,... creating an overall enchanting flavor.

The sweet beef squash dish

Rice paper rolls

The reason for its name is that the dish still has the basic ingredients of normal mixed rice paper such as torn dried squid, sour mango, fragrant laksa leaves, butter sauce, and tamarind sauce but rolled into rolls. and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Rice paper rolls

Banh cuon

Banh cuon is a traditional Vietnamese dish that is always overshadowed by the omnipresent banh mi or pho. To make banh cuon, a thin noodle sheet is steamed on a thin layer of fabric placed over a pot of boiling water. The sheets are then filled with minced pork and served with cha lua (Vietnamese pork bologna), fried rice powder cake and a sweet dipping fish sauce.

Banh Cuon  (Vietnamese pork bologna)

It’s a city that’s full of surprises and always ready to offer visitors a new experience. You are planning your trip, and make sure to book accommodations and transportation in advance, especially during the holiday in Viet Nam, what kind of food you should try.

Have you ever tried any kind of food in Viet Nam before? Share your experience with Vietcruisetours.



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