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Rock coffee


 16:36 31/12/2017

Today in Saigon, you can enjoy hard rock coffee, one of the lively coffee styles for those who love rock music, looking for a crowded and fresh new atmosphere. Hard Rock Cafe, one of the most famous brands in the world, you can experience this unique cafe today in Saigon.

Bao Tang My Thuat

[SAIGON] Saigon’s Haunted Beauty in 99 doors house

 19:14 08/12/2017

Local citizens claimed the place to be haunted. They believed that he also had a daughter besides his three sons and she was his favorite child. Rumor has it that she got leprosy and in order to cover that fact, Hui kept her in a closed room and had the maid bring her food.

bui vien street vietnam

[SAIGON] BUI VIEN STREET – A backpacker street

 08:23 25/07/2017

"Tourists have no trouble finding Vietnamese cuisine as Pho – beef noodles, Vietnamese pancake, spring rolls… sold along the street with reasonable price. International food is totally easy to find here also. Additionally, this is an ideal place to enjoy the music, observing daily activities of the locals, trying local beer called “bia Saigon” which is unique and cheap."