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With Viet Cruise Tours' special Family Tour Package, you and your loved ones may set out on an amazing journey that will leave you with priceless memories.

Take time to explore stunning scenery, charming parks, and fascinating natural wonders to fully appreciate the splendor of the natural world. Take photos of those times that will seem ideal in their memories for years to come. Provide unique attractions and events designed specifically for kids to keep them occupied. Every member, regardless of age, will have a memorable and pleasurable time at our family-friendly locations.

With the assistance of a kind and informed local guide who will give fascinating stories and insights, explore each location. As you laugh together, discover new locations, and make priceless experience. Here are our best family packages for your consideration, listed below.

1. Cu Chi Tunnel Unveiled: A Family-Friendly Half-Day Tour

Cu Chi Family Tour Package
Cu Chi Family Tour Package

Explore the historic Cu Chi Tunnels, a famous representation of Vietnam's tenacity and creativity, on a thrilling half-day excursion with your family. For all ages, our family-friendly half-day Cu Chi tour promises to be an exciting and informative journey.

- Immersion Learning:

With the assistance of our knowledgeable guides, discover the fascinating history of the Cu Chi Tunnels through in-depth stories appropriate for all age groups. Gain a thorough understanding of the Viet Cong's clever techniques used in the Vietnam War.

- Interactive Learning:

Take part in interactive displays and hands-on activities that bring history to life. Your family will actively engage in the educational process through interactive displays and tunnel exploration, creating a closer connection with history.

- Family-Friendly Guides:

Our guides are skilled at customizing content to appeal to the interests of both adults and kids. Enjoy a customized and kid-friendly experience that guarantees that everyone is entertained the entire time.

- Outdoor Adventures:

Take in the rich scenery that envelops the Cu Chi region, offering a peaceful environment for observation and education. Experience the grounds in a way that combines history and environment for a truly comprehensive experience.

- Suitable for All Ages:

Our best family packages offers to a wide range of interests within the family, from exciting tunnel crawls for the more adventurous to captivating stories for history lovers. Everyone can find something to like, making the experience inclusive and unforgettable.

- Culinary Delights:

During the family tour, take a break to enjoy hot tea and steaming tapioca to introduce your family to Vietnamese cuisine. Examine the local cuisine together for a bit and talk about its cultural relevance.

- Flexible Schedule:

Designed with families in thoughts, our half-day tour offers the ideal ratio of leisure to exploration. Allow your family to learn about the history at their own pace and take in a thorough experience without feeling hurried.

2. My Tho Province - Mekong Marvels: A Full-Day Best Family Packages

My Tho Family Tour Package
My Tho Family Tour Package

With our thoughtfully planned "Mekong Delta" tour, you and your family can embark on an enthralling full-day journey that offers an in-depth exploration of My Tho and the renowned Mekong Delta. Explore the heart of Vietnamese culture, stroll across the Mekong's narrow waterways, and make lifelong memories with the people you care about.

- Gorgeous Mekong River:

Start your trip with a relaxed boat down the Mekong River, where your family may take in the incredible beauty of the delta. Admire the magnificent scenery created by the rich plants, classic wooden boats, and riverbank settlements.

- Family-Friendly Tour:

As you stroll through the picturesque town of My Tho, our knowledgeable guides will give you intriguing insights into the way of life there. Take part in family-friendly activities, connect with the locals, and experience this Mekong Delta gem's distinct charm.

- Delightful River Islands Excursion:

Hop on a traditional boat to explore the river islands, where your family can indulge in tropical fruits, traditional snacks, and the refreshing taste of coconut water. Enjoy the flavors of the region in a serene and natural setting.

- Traditional Handicraft Workshops: 

Immerse yourselves in the rich cultural heritage of the Mekong Delta with visits to traditional handicraft workshops. Observe skilled artisans at work, and participate in hands-on activities suitable for all ages.

- Floating Market Adventure: 

Experience the lively atmosphere of a floating market, where colorful boats laden with fresh produce navigate the waterways. Engage with local vendors, sample exotic fruits and witness the dynamic energy of this unique marketplace.

- Culinary Expedition: 

Treat your taste buds to an authentic Vietnamese lunch at a local eatery, featuring a diverse menu that caters to all palates. Our carefully selected dishes showcase the rich and flavorful cuisine of the Mekong Delta.

- Insightful Local Guides: 

Benefit from the expertise and warmth of our local guides, who will share captivating stories and offer valuable insights into the cultural and historical significance of the Mekong Delta. They are dedicated to ensuring an enriching experience for every family member.

3. Saigon Symphony: A Half-Day Family Adventure in the Heart of Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Family Tour Package
Saigon Family Tour Package

With one of our best family packages, take your family on a fun half-day tour through the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Take in the colorful markets, taste regional cuisine, explore the city's rich history, and make enduring memories together.

- Historical Journey:

Bring the family on a journey that starts with a visit to historically significant sites like the famous Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. Viet Cruise Tours guides will entertain guests of all ages with engaging stories that present a complex perspective of Vietnam's fascinating past.

- Family-Friendly City Stroll:

Take a family trip through Saigon's bustling streets to discover the city's liveliness directly. Take in everyday life, stroll through lovely districts, and engage with locals to give your family a genuine and immersive cultural experience.locals, providing your family with an authentic and immersive cultural experience.

- Local Market Immersion:

Soak in the bustle of a local market, complete with tempting smells and brightly colored goods. Your family will get an authentic glimpse of Vietnamese daily life by trying out rare fruits, sampling local foods, and interacting with kind merchants.

- Culinary Odyssey: 

Indulge your appetite at a well-chosen local eatery with a delicious Vietnamese meal. Your family will be welcomed to the rich and tasty cuisine of Vietnam through our family-friendly menu, which offers a varied selection of meals to suit every palate.

- Insightful Local Guides: 

Benefit from the knowledge and warmth of our local guides, who are passionate about sharing the hidden gems and stories that make Saigon unique. They will ensure an enriching experience for every family member, answering questions and providing personalized attention.

4. Saigon Radiance - A Spectacular Water Puppetry and Dinner Cruise Evening

Dinner Cruise Family Tour Package
Dinner Cruise Family Tour Package

With our best family packages, which offer the ideal fusion of traditional arts and culinary enjoyment, you may completely engross your family in Saigon's enchanting beauty. Take in the exciting Water Puppet Show and enjoy an unforgettable Dinner Cruise, where you'll make priceless memories against the brilliant skyline of Saigon.

- Water Puppet Show:

Begin your evening with a captivating Water Puppet Show, a traditional Vietnamese art form that combines puppetry, music, and storytelling. The colorful puppets gracefully dance on the water, telling tales of folklore and history, captivating the imagination of both young and old.

- Family-Friendly City Stroll:

After attending the puppet show, stroll through Saigon's lighted streets to enjoy the exciting nightlife of the city. Talk to the people, stroll through quaint neighborhoods, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere to provide your family a memorable and unique trip.

- Scenic Dinner Cruise:

Get on a gorgeously decorated cruise ship and enjoy a breathtaking ride down the Saigon River. Enjoy a delicious supper with a varied menu of Vietnamese food as night falls.

- Live Entertainment:

Admire live musical performances while on the cruise, which will provide the perfect setting for a wonderful evening. A cheerful and lively atmosphere is added to your family's eating experience by the performance, which features both modern and traditional Vietnamese melodies.

- Panoramic Views: 

Cruise along the Saigon River and view the city's famous sites colored up against the night sky. Your family's evening is set among a mystical backdrop of sparkling lights, making for plenty of possibilities to take breathtaking pictures and make enduring memories.

- Memorable Photo Opportunities: 

With Saigon's glittering lights as a backdrop, capture the special moments of your family's evening. Viet Cruise Tours employees will be happy to help you capture those ideal moments.

Viet Cruise Tours appreciates you choose one of the top family travel packages to explore with your family. We expected it to be enjoyable and stress-free for everyone, whether it was enjoying one other's company, sampling new delicacies or learning about history.



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