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Experience the attractions of Vietnam's Mekong Delta by embarking on a trip that combines river cruising, cycling a bicycle through coconut trees, and immersive activities.

Travel through the Mekong Delta in the heart of Vietnam and experience its captivating natural beauty and heritage sites at every turn of the river. Experience an authentic homestay to get a deeper understanding of the local culture while cycling through scenic coconut orchards and cruising along mangrove-lined waterways. Discover ancient pagodas, take in the peaceful beauty of the river, and soak in the lively rhythm of life at bustling floating marketplaces. It's an opportunity to gain insight about the top popular tours in the Mekong Delta and create lasting experiences in one of the most fascinating and mystical places in Vietnam. The Mekong Delta's top-selling tours with Viet Cruise Tours are listed below.

1. My Tho - The Heart Of Authentic Mekong

My Tho
My Tho

Take a fascinating day trip with one of the top-selling tours in Mekong Delta to discover the natural and cultural gems of this remarkable province. Located in the center of the Mekong Delta, the charming province of My Tho is around 90 kilometers or a comfortable two-hour journey from the energetic capital of Saigon. My Tho offers a lot of agricultural goods and breathtaking scenery.

- Cruise Along the Mekong River: During the trip with Viet Cruise Tours, you’ll experience the everlasting beauty of the waterways and the lively life along the banks as you meander along the Mekong River. Go to the towns nearby and interact with the friendly locals to learn about their customs and way of life.

- Fruitful Orchards & Local Village Immersion:

Enjoy colorful orchards with a luscious fruit tree tapestry surrounding them. My Tho, regarded by fruit lovers as a visual treat. Visit historic towns and socialize with the friendly locals. Figure out their everyday routines, age-old crafts, and particular traditions that define their community.

- Delectable Fruit Tasting: 

A delicious taste of the freshest fruits, highlighting the flavors that make My Tho the Mekong Delta's "fruit bowl," is a trip highlight.

- Authentic Mekong Delta Lunch:

Savor a delectable local lunch while taking in the unique flavors of the area's cuisine while taking in the peace and calm of the countryside. You will gain a greater understanding of My Tho's history, culture, and significance from our informed guides, who will captivate you with their interesting observations.

Don't miss this undiscovered treasure. Come along for an exciting day of exploration as we reveal the timeless appeal of My Tho, leaving you with priceless memories of the traditional charm of the Mekong Delta.

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2. Ben Tre - Explore the Kingdom of Coconuts Journey

Ben Tre
Ben Tre

Take a top popular tour in Mekong Delta trip to Ben Tre, known as Vietnam's "Coconut Kingdom." With lush scenery, a vibrant culture, and the delightful scent of coconut palms coming together to create a wonderful experience, this immersion adventure gives you a rare chance to explore the heart of this charming region.

- Coconut Plantation Adventure: 

Start your journey with a close-up look at prosperous coconut crops. Discover the complex processes involved in growing and gathering coconuts, as well as the significant contribution they provide to the regional economy.

- Mekong Delta Sampan Ride:

Take a traditional boat ride through the Mekong Delta's picturesque network of canals, which are lined with swaying palm palms. Take in the serenity and tranquility of this aquatic environment while seeing the people going about their everyday lives.

- Local Artisans and Crafts: 

Meet talented craftspeople who will be demonstrating how to create goods made from coconuts. See the creativity and skill that have been passed down through the years in everything from coconut candy to handwoven baskets made from coconut leaf.

- Biking Through Villages: 

Riding a bicycle through small towns will greet you with smiles from the children and friendly people living there. Stroll down small paths surrounded by coconut trees to get a better grasp of rural life.

3. Cai Be Village - Mekong Delta Adventure

Cai Be
Cai Be

Drive to Cai Be, a little community hidden away in the Mekong Delta, on an entertaining tour. A combination of scenic exploration, cultural learning, and the welcoming hospitality of the locals are all guaranteed in this immersive journey.

- Local Floating Market Visit:

Take in the colorful atmosphere of the Mekong River floating market in Cai Be, where local vendors gather to trade goods. Take in the lively picture as boats filled with handicrafts, fresh food and other items.

- Cai Be's Hidden Gems: 

Discover hidden gems of Cai Be, including lovely roadways, historic pagodas, and bustling local marketplaces. Viet Cruise guided tour will highlight the village's ancient charm and cultural diversity. Cruise the Mekong Delta's complex system of little canals that cross one another. Admire the lush surroundings, antique wooden houses, and the steady way of life of the riverbank settlements.

- Mekong Delta Cuisine Delights: 

Treat your taste buds to a culinary tour that includes real Mekong Delta cuisine. Savor the variety of flavors that characterize Cai Be's food scene, from freshly fished river delicacies to local favorites.

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4. Mekong Delta - Family Tour Package

Family Tour Package
Family Tour Package

With our thoughtfully designed Family Mekong Tour Package, set out on an amazing family vacation. Designed to meet the various interests and age ranges of each family member, this package offers an easy way to combine leisure, learning, and enjoyment.

- Interactive Mekong River Cruise:

Set sail on a family-friendly Mekong River cruise, where the entire family can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Delta. Engage in interactive activities on board for the kids, ensuring a journey filled with excitement.

- Educational Village Visits:

Explore traditional villages along the Mekong, providing an enriching experience for the family. Witness local crafts, participate in cultural activities, and create lasting memories together.

- Fruit-Picking Adventure:

Delight in a hands-on fruit-picking adventure in My Tho's lush orchards. Let the kids discover the joy of harvesting fresh fruits, creating a connection to the bountiful nature of the Mekong Delta.

- Family-Friendly Local Cuisine: 

Indulge in a family-friendly culinary experience with a specially curated menu featuring local delicacies. Share a meal together, savoring the diverse flavors of the Mekong Delta.

- Guided Exploration for All Ages:

Our knowledgeable guides are adept at tailoring the experience for different age groups. From engaging stories for the youngsters to in-depth cultural insights for the adults, everyone in the family will find the tour both entertaining and educational.

5. Mekong - Cruise Tour Package

Cruise Tour Package
Cruise Tour Package

With our Mekong Cruise Tour Package, which is ideal for travelers looking for a relaxing and immersive experience along the renowned Mekong River, take a leisurely cruise through the Mekong Delta.

- Luxurious Mekong River Cruise : 

Enjoy the comfort of a luxurious river cruise, where the Mekong unfolds its beauty at a leisurely pace. Relax on the deck, take in the panoramic views, and let the gentle flow of the river be your guide.

- Guided Shore Excursions :

Venture into the heart of the Mekong Delta with guided shore excursions. Explore charming villages, historical sites, and vibrant markets, gaining a deeper understanding of the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

- Cultural Performances: 

Immerse yourself in the local culture with onboard cultural performances. From traditional music to dance, experience the artistic expressions that make the Mekong Delta unique.

- Comfortable Accommodations: 

Unwind in comfortable accommodations with modern amenities. Each cabin is a perfect retreat after a day of exploration.

Situated at the center of Vietnam's colorful environment is the Mekong Delta, an area renowned for its enduring beauty and cultural diversity. Viet Cruise Tours welcomes you to participate in our most well-liked tours, each of which has been thoughtfully designed to express the essence of this fascinating location.  Discover the ageless splendors of the Mekong Delta with us, where Vietnam is captured in every moment of your visit.




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